EXALUX launches CONNECT+, 4 years after launching the CONNECT ONE which had a real success worldwide. The purpose of this new product is to continue enabling the control of DMX devices from an iPad or Android tablet and offer as many movements as possible on sets.

However, CONNECT+ takes wireless DMX control to the next level by integrating the latest technologies:

  • Wi-Fi MiMo bi-bande 2.4Ghz + 5.0Ghz,
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy,
  • 2 ports Ethernet 100mbps,
  • 3 ports USB-A, 2 of which are dedicated to powering small external devices,
  • Powering the box via the Ethernet PoE port,
  • RDM compatibility

We also thought about your future needs when we designed CONNECT+ and integrated an EXALUX SnapLINK extension port under the box, allowing you to add additional interfaces and thereby benefiting from additional DMX functions (DMX splitter/merger, DMX recorder, etc.). Additional interfaces will be available soon.

The box can be operated as a stand-alone unit (using a VLOCK battery) powered either via an AC adapter, or via the Ethernet network cable in PoE.

Thanks to the EXALUX PoD technology, it is very easy to add TX100N transmitters directly on the CONNECT+ box or remotely (a few meters away) using the appropriate DMX cables;


CONNECT+ will be launched in early May in a “First Edition” kit version, which will be limited to 30 numbered units and personalized with a logo or the owner’s name on the screen.

It will be available in 3 versions:

  • CONNECT+ FULL WIRELESS 1 universe LumenRadio CRMX™
  • CONNECT+ FULL WIRELESS 2 universes LumenRadio CRMX™

CONNECT+ is designed and manufactured in France by the EXALUX™ team.

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